60% love it
Music cruising bar
Men only music cruising bar that's open every night.


    • KevinBas
      KevinBas Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Dirty sick place
      Ouch. By far the dirtiest sexclub on Earth. No condom, no paper, no trash can in any cabin. I let you imagine how dirty and full of cum/ lubricant the ground and walls are at 3.00. No staff to clean like in any sauna or real sexclub. Don't dare to tell this to the 'big' (in every way) boss, or you're gonna get through serious problems. I've been told by a costumer I may find condoms at the bar, the only basket had no condom but only lubricant bags. The cherish on the cake is the 'restroom', that should be renamed 'smelly dump'...and these old ugly guys who touch you again and again, and who seem to have a deal with the staff to harass any young guy, without being stopped. If you want to have a drink: many other clean and welcoming bars in the same street. If you need a fuck : there's a rather clean sauna at 10meters. I can only hope this shame close after being inspected, for a nice sexclub to open at last in Brussels.

    • hslut
      hslut Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice and good atmosphere
      you are warm welcome here and its a nice cruising bar

    • D.Kenny
      D.Kenny Over a year ago
      Hates it

      a second chance to mingle
      Discovered this place after visiting the sauna next door. No cover charge was nice and the drink prices were reasonable. Wifi would had been nice, though the labyrinths adjacent to the bar provided plenty of other ways to connect. Leven late on a Tuesday, there was a pretty good crowd even after the sauna died down, actually it might had been the same crowd..

    • angelo.gentile1
      angelo.gentile1 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      cruising bar in Brussels
      very friendly and modern place, good design, lot of people. all ages, some nights are leather; occasionally naked on sunday Very good bar for a drink and/or ...more...