Macho Sauna

67% love it
Brussels' most central, mainstream, and popular gay sauna.


    • D.Kenny
      D.Kenny Over a year ago
      Hates it

      off night
      I visited on a Tuesday at 9pm and found about a dozen older men. I'm 40 and was the youngest there, actually I felt like a baby next to them. Anyway, the club's 1st level was very nice. I loved the pool, lighting effects and night sky effect. There is also a nice bar with reasonably priced drinks. They can also cook you up some food. Next, the hot tub was perfect for relaxing in and watching the rather unconventional assortment of porn playing on the TVs. There is also a smoking room for you lung cancer addicts. During my visit almost nobody went above the first floor, and for good reason as the levels above reeked of mildew and there was mold visible all over the ceilings (YUK!!). Maybe the mildew stench is replaced by other fragrances on busier nights?.. Anyway, continuing above the cruising levels I found a gym with some rusty weights and other barely-functional equipment which probably serves for better stage props than actual fitness equipment. Next to the gym was an outdoor deck which was great for taking in a breath of fresh air after walking through all the mustiness. I suppose I'd go again, but probably not late on a week night. The guy at the counter recommended anytime before 6pm since it is a working crowd, after all.

    • 3pTiger
      3pTiger Over a year ago
      Loves it

      One of the Best
      I went there Monday after Brussels Pride weekend. I knew it opens at 11am so I took a time to get there around 3pm. It was packed! I couldn't get a locker because all lockers were occupied so they gave me a big bag to put all my stuff in it and leave it with the front desk. I was amazed SO many people were there in early afternoon. Brussels guys love to play and actions everywhere especially in the steam room and dark room. Had a great fun and would like to go back there again. Must visit while in Brussels.

    • Sexapilocho
      Sexapilocho Over a year ago
      Loves it

      It is a big clean sauna, several floors a bar, video porn room, dark room for everybody to play in. I went in the afternoon and it was busy there were a few very handsome guys and the same pattern that you see in all gay saunas of the world; guys walking endlessly thru the corridors but the place it is worth visiting.

    • BurnBabyBurn
      BurnBabyBurn Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Burning massage
      a few months ago I went for the first time to Macho Sauna together with my life time partner; We went at noon to avoid to many guys - yeah indeed - we just wanted to relax alone and that is why I have ordered a massage. The massage guy used to less oil and the next day my upper legs were 1 big burning mark. I went to n doctor that confirmed the cause of these marks and it took my skin 3 weeks to fully recover! I contacted the owner of the sauna to inform him on this and to avoid that this would happen again. You would think you get at least a free drink next time or a refund (a GP's visit is not cheap neither!), but the owner insulted me by mail and insinuated that the burning marks on my upper leg was from the playing in the sauna. Well, I did not play in the sauna, we were there alone and the persons who go there at noon can confirm this! I tried to be nice and inform him to avoid issues with future customers and then you get a unprofessional reaction. I deserve better as customer and I recommend you Club3000 where they were embarrassed to hear this story! Club3000 far much better sauna!