Sauna Spades4

67% love it
One of the biggest gay saunas in Europe, spread over three buildings, several floors, and a roof garden.


    • D.Kenny
      D.Kenny Over a year ago
      Hates it

      unsuspecting tourist, be carful what you pay
      The doorman overcharged me, grossly.. As an unsuspecting tourist I went along with it until I met some other patrons who told me what the real price was. Another staff member refunded the difference after I confronted them about it. Otherwise it was not a bad place. Relative to another Sauna which I visited a day earlier, this one was very clean on all levels. Like the other one, this place is a total maze and took some walking around to get used. There are many levels and many stairs and it's easy to get lost, which in this place is not a bad thing. The main levels were very comfortable with a nice bar, small Jaccuzi, large pool and ample hiding spaces. Other levels feature labyrinths, a gym and roof deck. The lower levels with slings and jail like cells are not to be missed. My visit was at 7pm on a Wednesday. It was not exactly busy, there were still enough people to make things interesting, (mostly older guys) though by 9pm almost everybody had left. I would go back again but next time would try to aim a little earlier in the afternoon. Just double check what the actual price is before paying.