FLY / Mirano / Friday February 10th


Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your fly on the HOT and ROTATIVE dancing floor .
Heat, new sound system , rotative dancing floor, finest music ...
What else ?

We are so excited !!
And you ?

DJ's Line Up :
Breizbear (La Demence, Belgica, Dolores )
Daniele D'Alessandro ( Cox, Sexy, Revolver )
T&T (Paris'Topher & Trippy Gonzales) ( 69 degrees, Wake up )

Entrance fee :
€15 (including one free drink before 00.30 am).

Valet parking :
Understandably, you’d like direct access to the club without having to look for a parking space. We’ve got that covered: a parking valet takes care of your car for only €8.

The FLY party crew

FLY: Gay Clubbing for Music Lovers at its Best!


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